I’m finally home after being picked up and rescued from the TJ Maxx parking lot by my mom. From the parking lot to the bedroom floor, I’ve been on all fours for about two hours. I haven’t been able to sit on a couch or bed; the sinking effect makes the pain worse. My leg is definitely going numb because I am limited to one position.

All I wanted to do was buy some new granny panties for my upcoming surgery. I was stuck between a Calvin Klein set or Tommy Hilfiger when I got a sharp shooting pain on my left side. I couldn’t make out exactly where the pain was coming from but it was either my bladder or my ovary.

I thought the pain was only fleeting, so I continued to contemplate underwear. After a few more moments I realized the pain was much more severe than usual. Then I got very worried my endometrioma may have bursted (which would mean emergency surgery and no excision surgery coming up in 2 weeks – I’m desperately trying to avoid that happening).  I put the underwear back on the rack and knealt down in my isle. Luckily no one else was around.

As I waited for the stabbing sensation to pass, it continued to build. I understood it wasn’t going away anytime soon.  I forced myself up and slowly limped (hunched back) out of the store – what could have been the longest walk of my life! A young salesman looked at me and smiled but all I could do was breathe as if I was in labor.

I walked right out in front of a moving vehicle because I so desperately needed to get out of public. When I made it to my car I sat down thinking I’d be on my way. Oh, was I wrong.

Turns out sitting upright was not the way to go. In addition, my seats are broken in which makes everything worse. I slowly scooched my way to the parking lot pavement then grabbed my phone from my pocket and called my mom to come pick me up.

My car continues to sit in the Tj Maxx parking lot. I won’t be going there again anytime soon.

The worst part is I was feeling awesome before this and was excited to go run some errands and look presentable. What was supposed to be a normal day buying underwear, shopping for undies and buying my cat treats turned into an uncomfortable afternoon spent on my bedroom floor.  A classic example of the daily surprises endometriosis can pull on you!




Posted by:Brooke Haffey

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