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I’m an endometriosis warrior and activist who is, naturally, in a complicated relationship with jeans.

When I’m not at various health-related appointments, I work as a florist and love every second of it.

On weekends you’ll usually find me nose-deep in a good book or growing food with my husband @TheHaffeysGarden.



My Story

For the past five years I have been living with chronic pain from Stage IV endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. I spent a great deal of my twenties working towards a diagnosis and have recovered from four major surgeries in the last year and a half, the most recent being VATS to excise thoracic endometriosis. As a prior collegiate athlete and runner, the lifestyle adjustment hasn’t been easy. Although, how could it be for anyone?

Chronic illness has taken a lot from me, but I’ve gained so much all the same. I have grown a deeper capacity for empathy, discovered that joy is still possible in the presence of pain, and uncovered a pretty impressive amount of resilience.

My Mission

This is a creative space for me to spread awareness about endometriosis and living with chronic pain. Through raw, unfiltered writing I strive to be a voice for others who are suffering.  I also provide reliable resources and information, giving women with endo the tools they need to advocate for themselves-and hopefully changing the course of someones journey for the better.  If I can do that, I don’t need much else to make me happy..other than the occasional taco.

Every so often, I sprinkle in exciting life events. If you’re into all that, follow along!